CAS Registry No. 16961-83-4

Fluorosilicic Acid a water white to straw yellow color, highly corrosive, aqueous solution. This chemical is ANSI/NSF-60 approved and meets AWWA Standards.

Product uses include:

  • Water fluoridation
  • Sterilization of equipment
  • Electroplating
  • Tanning of animal hides
  • Ceramics and Glass: Glass etching
  • Commercial Laundry: As a neutralizer for alkalis
  • Hardening of Cement
  • Oil well acidizing
  • Rust and Stain removal for textiles
  • Wood preservative

For information regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements, potential health hazards, transportation, handling, and storing please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.


This product is available in rail cars and by tank truck.

Shipping Point: Various US Locations

PHONE NUMBER: 863-425-1195
FAX NUMBER:        863-425-5003

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